Ami Tech Water Domain Solutions

  • Water Resources Management Solutions
    • SCADA, Telemetry and Real Time Data Acquisition Systems for
      • Dams and Canals
      • City Water Supply Infrastructure
      • Water Supply Schemes
      • Lift Irrigation Schemes
      • Pump stations
  • AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) solutions for Bulk water metering
  • Integrated Solutions based on Information Technology
  • Canal Controls and Reservoir Operations Management
  • Inflow Forecasting
  • Flood regulation
  • Irrigation Management System
  • IT solution for Water User Associations

Ami Tech Products

  • Remote Terminal Unit
  • Data Logger
  • Intelligent GPRS modem
  • Gate Control System
  • Water Level Recorder
  • Rainfall Data Recorder
  • Open Channel Flow measurement and recorder
  • Solar Power Systems


  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Telemetry, Real Time Data Acquisition and SCADA systems.
  • Operation and maintenance of SCADA systems.
  • Application software development.
  • Consultancy services for establishment of Telemetry, SCADA projects.