Smart Grid

Ami Tech is a member of the Smart Grid Forum and supports the initiative.  According to the World Economic Forum – “According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), approximately US$ 13 trillion of investment will be needed to upgrade electrical infrastructure worldwide by 2030". Our energy networks were originally designed in an era of low-cost, plentiful energy that is no longer valid today. The power sector needs to continue to supply energy in an increasingly carbon-constrained world, and governments are facing growing energy security concerns. Globally, we are now at a point of inflection where clean energy will be at a premium, networks will need to be flexible to allow for the incorporation of new low-carbon technologies and customers will want increasing visibility and control of their energy consumption.

The technology innovations of the last 10 years and the increasing prevalence of ubiquitous communications networks (as an example, the number of mobile phone subscribers is expected to reach five billion this year7) present a unique opportunity to coalesce advancements in power engineering, IT and communications to our energy infrastructure and create a “smart grid” – an energy grid with embedded sensing, control and automation, supported by two-way communications.

This transition from an analogue to a digital infrastructure in the utility sector is akin to the industry transitions we experienced in the banking and telecommunications industries 10-15 years ago. A smart grid will allow for greater transparency, drive efficiency and reliability, greater access and choice to consumers; and provide the network flexibility required to support our transition to a low-carbon economy”.

Ami Tech’s Smart Meter is a step towards this initiative.