Indian Railways is the largest government institutional consumer and purchaser from various Electricity Boards and other Electricity Supply Authorities. Out of a total of 64215 KM, 21014 KM is electrified which carries 60% of total freight as well as passenger traffic across India. Annually, approximately 30 billion units of electricity are consumed by Railways, out of which 10.4 billion units are used for electric traction purpose. Railways is paying approximately Rs. 5,000 crores every year on account of traction energy charges which constitutes about 20% of total revenue budget of Railways.

Ami Tech’s RTU has been approved by RDSO – a Railway’s premium design and standards organization. Remote terminal units are used in Indian Railways for their automation needs in traction substations for powering the 25KV overhead traction lines. These RTUs cost less and are rugged in design, can measure input analog parameters from the CT/PTs without using any intermediate transducers like conventional RTUs. Normally all Indian Railway substations are unmanned, having both supervisory and remote control functionalities from the centralized data center. 

Ami Tech has developed an Automated Meter Reader (AMR) to read the meter data from the field installed boundary meters. The data can be used to verify the billing and to control the load profile and maximum demands in a section of the traction distribution system.

Ami Tech has also supplied its DCUs (Data Concentrator Units) to South Central Railway for automated remote meter data reading for substation feeder meters. DCUs are equipped with an RS485 port and can interface several MODBUS feeder meters on a single RS485 Multi-drop connection. The DCU reads meter data from all the connected meters, logs the data into a local memory and will also transmit data to a remote server using its built-in GSM/GPRS modem.

Ami Tech has other solutions for Indian Railways like BMS (Building Management System) for their Stations, Offices and commercial complexes to manage the utilities like water, Electricity, HVAC, Lighting, etc.