Off-shore development

Ami Tech is a client focused software services company offering critical offshore and outsourcing services to start-ups, small and mid-size companies. Our capabilities target winning results by understanding your technology needs aligned to your business objectives. We are proactive for the challenges and our people are motivated to walk the extra mile that you require, all the time.

The New Economy has completely changed the way business is done. It has posed a challenge of survival and businesses that are able to quickly adapt using appropriate Information Technology tools are the ones who will ride over this wave.

India has a huge pool of talented, motivated, and smart IT manpower. This puts India in a dominant position as a leading provider of cost effective IT solutions to the world. More and more countries in the developed economies are turning to India to carry out large chunks of their Software Development activities offshore in India.

The success story of our offshore development center rests on Methodology, Expertise, Communication and Relationship.

The offshore development model followed at Ami Tech helps in reducing the duration of Project life cycle considerably resulting in cost saving. High quality standards, excellent communication and experienced skill sets ensures quality output to the customer satisfaction. This model works very fine in the Projects where immediate output is required on periodical basis. The time difference in western countries and here helps in delivering the solutions within 24 hours. The solutions can be loaded on the project website from where customer can download the same and continue working without interruption.