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Training Philosophy

Our Education & Training Philosophy

We at Ami Tech [India] Pvt. Ltd. feel that it is essential to identify the educational needs of individuals and organizations, so we created an Education and Training Division primarily looking at ourselves as a knowledge storehouse while focusing on analyzing various training needs through constant input, feedback, and suggestions from our experts within the organization.

Our own self commitment and involvement is critical to ensure we continue to produce quality training that leads to producing industry ready manpower and to develop educational resources that complement and support the role and goals of our management’s initiatives in compliance with the vision and mission statement of our organization.

Helping to Empower Future Generations

We believe the leaders of tomorrow need our help today.

Through our support, education and training programs to provide our students and their varied communities the opportunity to grow and prosper.

Who Are We?

Our goal is to foster excellence in educational and training programs. We offer workshops and programs to support our candidates to enhance their skills and achieve excellence when they design their own learning environment. We do so by delivering interactive learning experiences grounded in educational theory backed by continuous research and designed for practical application.

We are passionate about learning

Learning starts when people feel inspired and engaged. We enjoy exploring new ideas, creating innovative strategies, and designing quality education and training experiences that make a difference.

We advocate for participant-centered learning

We focus on how you teach so people will engage with and be inspired by what you teach.

We don’t leave learning up to chance

Our methods are grounded in educational theory, backed by research, and designed for practical application. We offer workshops and programs to teach you how to design participant-centered learning environments to increase engagement, build community, and enhance motivation.

We believe learning is multi-dimensional

We integrate a variety of experiences and activities to allow you to see your learning environment from different perspectives.