dcu 0920


The Data Concentrator Unit acquires data from multiple energy meters installedin a substation. It has an in-built GSM/GPRS/CDMA modem through which it will send the captured meter data to a central server.

Ami Tech's DCU is indigenously designed and developed at itsresearch and development center in Hyderabad.It is a rugged, compact, scalable and cost effective product. It has an in-built protocol converter with intelligence to read data from multiple makes/types of meters. Ami Tech has extensively worked on various protocols like MODBUS, DLMS, etc.

Application Areas

  • Monitoring and Substations
  • Weather stations
  • Building automation

Meter Data

  • Meter Information 
  • Energy Snapshot Data 
  • Instantaneous Data 
  • Meter Settings Data

Features and Functionalities

  • 32 bit processor operating @ min. 266 MHz, 128MB flash, 128 MB DRAM, 10/100 Mbps TCP/IP Ethernet port.
  • Expandable Analog inputs (8), Status inputs (24) and Control outputs (24).
  • Built-in SMPS power supply 19 to 30VDC, 110/120V AC.
  • Built-in GSM / GPRS / EDGE / CDMA / 3G Modem.
  • In-built protocol conversion and auto meter detection.
  • Controller for interfacing with meter, local data storage, processing of data.
  • In-built memory to store 90days of meter data (expandable)from substation energy meters.