Ami Tech's Smart Energy Meter is a 3-phase, 4-wire 0.5s class whole current energy meter which integrates several innovative features. This meter is used for LT consumers for accurate measurement of energy parameters and it can also be configured for HT consumers. The meter has advanced data recording capability. Load connect and disconnect feature can also be performed by our meter either remotely i.e. through built-in GPRS modem or locally using a Hand Held Unit (HHU).

Ami Tech's Smart Energy Meter is indigenously designed and developed at its research and development center in Hyderabad. It has a rugged, compact, scalable and cost effective architecture and uses DLMS communication protocol. Ami Tech has extensively worked on DLMS, MODBUS, IEC and various other international standard protocols. Ami Tech has rich experience in embedded system based solutions addressing critical and real time applications.

Salient Features:-

  • DLMS Compliant 3 Phase 4 Wire 0.5 class Whole Current Energy Meter.
  • Load Survey up 45/90days with demand integration period of 15mins / 30mins.
  • Anti-Tamper features.
  • Self diagnostic capability.
  • Isolated communication for RS 232, RS 485 and Optical ports.
  • Time of day metering (8 TOD Slots).
  • History can be stored in NVS RAM which has a retention period of 20 years with store and recall features.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery.
  • Pluggable GPRS/CDMA based AMR system for Up-stream communication (Optional).
  • Built-in Zigbee Module for 865 MHz or 2.4GHz for Down-stream communication.
  • 60A Load Connect / Disconnect feature through built-in latching type relays (Optional).
  • Rugged power supply with wide range of operation from 80 to 500V AC Line Voltages.
  • Top cover open, Terminal cover open and Magnetic tamper sensors.
  • Any make of CMRI can be used to read meter data.

Technical Specifications

Type Three Phase Four Wire Whole Current Energy Meter
Model height="25"ASM 72
Reference Voltage 3x240V
Current Rating (10-60)A
Reference Frequency 50Hz ± 5%
Class of Accuracy 0.5S
Starting current 0.1% of Basic Current
Display Back lit LCD display
Operating temp. -10º C to + 55º C
Relative Humidity <95%
Load Capacity 600% of basic current
Power consumption per phase Voltage Circuit: 1.5W and 10VA (As per IS 14697)Current Circuit: 1.0VA
LEDs Two LEDs provided on front side for indication of pulse output proportional to active and reactive energy measured
Standards Conforms to : IS 14697 : 1999 & IEC 61000
DLMS Protocol : BIS ETD 13 Doc / IS 15959
IEC 62056 series

Design Features

  • Tamper proof design.
  • No frequent adjustments required.
  • Immune to external magnetic field.
  • Design ensures drift free, long term performance and reliability.


  • Accurate irrespective of mounting position.
  • Accuracy maintained even under voltage fluctuation.
  • Accurate reading even under current fluctuation.
  • Accurate for balanced and unbalanced loads.

Anti-Tamper Features

  • Records correct reading with same accuracy under reverse current connection and also during several other tamper conditions.
  • Works accurately even under earth load condition.