The Optical Port Reader (IRP27A) has been designed to interface with the IR port of Tri-vector energy meters. It is designed for direct fitment on to the meters that have "PACT" type optical ports.

Ami Tech's IRP27 probe, with its adaptable heads, finds its application to connect with various standard Tri-vector meters like L&T, Secure, Duke Arniks, Elster, ABBGenus, Holley, Schlumberger etc.

IRP27 has a highly sensitive infrared and photodiode pair to interface with the optical ports of the meters. The optical probe has been tested with all standard makes of meters. The powerful miniature magnets in the adapter heads have enough strength to stick on to the optical port of IEC and ANSI ports for years together without losing their magnetic properties.

Ami Tech's IRP27 has a molded cable attached to a 9 pin D-sub connector on the other side to interface with GSM / GPRS or CDMA modems and with Common Meter Reading Instruments (CMRI).

Optional adapters are available to interface with IEC1107 or ANSI type optical ports of energy meters. These probes have been tested in normal Indian outdoor operating temperature and humidity conditions.